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    231821 - Platform "Paddle" Tennis, Adults

    231821 - Platform

    Platform Tennis is an invigorating outdoor sport that is a combination of tennis and squash. This highly social game is for all ages. Paddle is typically played as doubles, two teams of two. All levels can play with each other due to the nature of the dimensions of the court. Platform Tennis is played on specially constructed platforms that measure 60' x 30' surrounded by back and side wire mesh walls. The actual court measures 44' x 20' and the net is 2'10" at the center. The perforated oval paddles made of metal-bound composite materials have short handles. The rules are the same as for tennis, except that balls may be taken off the back or side wire walls after first striking inside the court proper, and only one serve is allowed.

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    Read Notice231821-01Platform "Paddle" Tennis, AdultsM11/04/19- 12/09/19 7:30 PM- 9:00 PM18 years and UpFee DetailsEnrollment Details

    321210 - Youth Badminton

    In this instructional program, participants will learn and refine the fundamentals of badminton, the world's fastest growing racket sport. The program is facilitated by seasoned coaches and instructors. Designed for players of all skill levels, this program will cover all the ins and outs of the sport: racket grips and techniques, racket strokes and applications, proper footwork, positioning, game tactics and strategy.

    Location: Irving A. Robbins Middle School Gymnasium

    NEW CLASS DATES: 9/21/19 - 11/9/19

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    Read Notice321210-01Youth BadmintonSa09/21/19- 11/09/1912:00 PM- 1:30 PM8 years to under 18 yearsFee DetailsEnrollment Details

    321711 - Fall Tennis Lessons - Youth & Adult

    Whether you're a beginner or a more accomplished player, you'll be sure to enjoy Farmington Recreation's tennis lessons with United States Professional Tennis Association Pro, Paul Ratcliffe. All lessons are designed with the player's age and ability level in mind. Fitness, stroke development, game play, court movement and match strategy will be addressed.

    Location: Farmington High School Tennis Courts

    Per Connecticut General Statutes, programs that service children ages 7 - 19 who engage in an athletic activity such as an organized game or competition against another team or in preparation for a game or competition or who attend an athletic camp or clinic in which the purpose is to train, instruct, or prepare the participant to engage in an organized athletic game or competition to provide a written or electronic statement on the signs and symptoms of concussions to each athlete and parent/guardian upon registration. Information can be found by visiting

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    Read Notice321711-01Tennis, Ages 4 & 5Su09/08/19- 10/13/1912:30 PM- 1:00 PM4 years to under 6 yearsFee DetailsEnrollment Details
    Read Notice321711-02Tennis, Ages 5 - 7Su09/08/19- 10/13/19 1:00 PM- 2:00 PM5 years to under 8 yearsFee DetailsEnrollment Details
    Read Notice321711-03Tennis, Ages 8 - 10Su09/08/19- 10/13/19 2:00 PM- 3:00 PM8 years to under 11 yearsFee DetailsEnrollment Details
    Read Notice321711-04Tennis, Ages 11 - 15Su09/08/19- 10/13/19 3:00 PM- 4:00 PM11 years to under 16 yearsFee DetailsEnrollment Details
    Read Notice321711-05Tennis, Adult Beg/IntSu09/08/19- 10/13/19 4:00 PM- 5:00 PM16 years and UpFee DetailsEnrollment Details
    Read Notice321711-06Tennis, Adult Int/AdvSu09/08/19- 10/13/19 5:00 PM- 6:00 PM16 years and UpFee DetailsEnrollment Details
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